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12 Things That Make A Good “Business” Domain

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12 Things That Make A Good “Business” Domain

What is a ‘Business’ domain?

Perhaps a more exact term would be ‘Business Grade’ domain.  A Business Grade domain must meet a certain number of ‘check-offs’ on a list of key criteria important to the valuation of any domain name.

The number of boxes checked off is somewhat subjective, but there is a list of criteria the industry has used for some time now.  The priority within that list can also be up for debate as you work your way down that list.

Note that there are always exceptions to these rules but please don’t put too much weight on ‘mother in-law’ research or unique situations.  Sometimes a very successful online business does well despite a ‘lousy’ or unusual, made-up name.  Two good examples would be Google.com and Yahoo.com

I wish I had a buck for every time I heard the following from an end user looking to buy a great Business Grade domain:  “Well I’ll just register a made-up name for $10 bucks – just like Google did.”

They fail to realize that, early on, Google was a well funded machine with a killer application that was ripe for the commercial explosion on the Internet at the time.  Google.com would be what we call a highly ‘brandable’ domain which had a number of key criteria going for it (which I’ll list below).  However, most importantly of all, it was in the ‘dot’ com extension.  Still to this day, the ‘com’ extension is the number one extension by far beating the next top 7 or 8 extensions combined!!

So let’s look at the key criteria that you want to have ‘checked-off’ on your short list of possible ‘Business Grade’ domains purchase(s):

  1. .com Extension
  2. Size of market
  3. Clearly states what it means
  4. Correct spelling
  5. One or two words
  6. At least one word is a keyword for your industry
  7. Well-aged
  8. No hyphens
  9. No numbers
  10. Easy to pronounce
  11. Easy to spell
  12. Easy to remember

The more criteria you meet from this list, the better the Business Grade Domain however, the more criteria you meet, the more you will likely pay!  In my future blogs we will dissect each of these criteria to study why they are so important.