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Bruce McLeod is the principle of DigifiedMedia.com, a holding company for a number of online related business investments.  Some of these include sales and leasing of higher end business domains, lead generation for various business verticals and the full stack development of super premium properties.

Recent developments include the advanced monetization of a portfolio of over 4,000 business domains through DomainBrains.com and CalgaryDigified.com to name a few

Bruce first became interested in the Domain business back in 1997 when he started to acquire and build a targeted portfolio.

After graduating with his degree in Marketing, he worked 13 years in increasingly senior sales and marketing roles the brewing industry, 5 years in research and development in the Lottery industry and then running his own research consulting firm for another 10 years. This combination of sales, marketing and R&D gave Bruce the tools to venture into the online business full time.

He has experienced the many changes within the online industry including the huge increases in value for business domains including premium and super premium names.  His biggest regret was not purchasing Beer.com for $70,000 back in 1997 when he had the chance. Beer.com was sold to Labatt for $7 Million and is now back on the market for over $10 Million USD.  However, many years and dollars later, he did manage to acquire a different 4-letter super premium name of equal value to beer.com.  This domain name is in development thus he is keeping it relatively private for the time being.

Bruce resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with his wife, Loraine, of 39 years and 2 grown children, Spencer and Kathleen, who are all actively involved in his business.  The most adored member of the family is a Wheaten Terrier named Maggie who Bruce affectionately refers to as a “Wheaten Terrorist”.

Bruce has learned valuable industry lessons and is willing to share his knowledge with you freely.  He can be reached at sales@domainbrains.com or by phone at 403-249-6338.